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So what makes NZ pies so different to what Swedes normally think of as a pie? Let's tell the pie story from the start.

The origins of the “humble” pie trace back over 4000 years to ancient Egypt. Later the ancient Greeks ate their pies as the “fast-food” of choice. Not surprisingly the Romans got on the bandwagon and through their conquests spread pies far and wide across Europe including what is now modern-day Britain.   

The Brits weren’t slow to pick up an affection for pies and this followed them across the world with the British Empire. By 1770 they along with their tradition of eating pies had arrived in far off Aotearoa New Zealand.

No one knew then that on the other side of the world an obsession for pies would develop on a scale never seen before. The Kiwis took the humble meat pie and made it their own.


Baking pies became an artisan craft with focus on high quality raw materials and premium flavour. Creativity and innovation blossomed in the young island nation with new pie flavours making use of New Zealand’s unique position on the planet.  

The pies baked today reflect the modern, multicultural society that New Zealand has become. Damned good pies inspired by culinary styles from all over the globe. Pies they eat with their hands!

Today, pies are a part of New Zealand’s national psyche in the same way as Rugby and a delicious Pavlova on a hot summer’s day

(topped with kiwifruit, of course!).


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