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Our journey is a love story that started in New Zealand, crossed oceans and brought amazing NZ-style pies to Sweden!



17 652 km

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Everybody knows about Lord of The Rings and that there are more Hobbits in New Zealand than people. The land where everyone plays Rugby and the most popular pet: The beloved Sheep.

A less known secret is that Kiwis (a.k.a New Zealanders) are also completely crazy about pies! When Kiwis say pies they mean mouth-watering fillings of meat, vegetables and gravy wrapped up in a flaky pastry crust. Pies you can (should) eat with your hands.

So when a love-struck Kiwi landed in Sweden he longed to sink his teeth into a hot pie. The only problem was there were none to be had. Something had to be done! A plan was forged and the NZ Pies journey was underway.


Launching a pie revolution is hard work and in entrepreneurial spirit it started from humble beginnings. Experience from the family bakery in New Zealand and a relentless passion for great pies meant that the ball was soon in motion.

Production started in our custom-built bakery in Katrineholm in January 2017 and it was full speed ahead. From early days selling at local festivals and sporting events the pies were a hit and our following steadily grew.                


In 2018 we launched into retail and before long started export to France and Germany. Today you can find our pies spread out at many great supermarkets, cafés and bars. Find them here

And our mission to spread the love for Damned Good Pies has only just begun. After all, life is too short for anything else!

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